How important is mobile to SEO?

How important is mobile to SEO?

Mobile is now the most important digital platform for all marketers and SEO related agenda.  

According to Google, more searches now take place on mobile devices than on desktop computers in 10 countries including the USA , Japan and Australia. In fact, the most recent reports suggest that Australian mobile search is roughly 58-60% of overall search query volume.

It’s now absolutely clear that the mobile revolution has already happened. So what does this mean for business?

If you have an old school web site that is not responsive across mobile devices, you have now lost organic search engine ranking. Some small business owners and managers may not be aware that in April 2015 Google "Mobilegeddon" took place and from that point any web site that was NOT mobile friendly would lose organic ranking on google search engines. 

But optimizing for mobile goes further than just having a mobile friendly website ! Many old web sites were simply updated to include a mobile drop down menu to assist navigation, which left the web sites looking awkward and clumsy with too much content, which effected user experience and resulted in a decrease in web site activity, which in turn effected ranking anyway regardless of the mobile upgrade. 

In 2017, any new web site created for business must be designed around the mobile platform. It must be fast and informative and easy to navigate, straight to the point and minimal in it's content. 

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